The toxins of water-borne cyanobacteria: regulation and exploitation of their biosynthesis [ 2008 - 2013 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof BA Neilan

Brief description Water quality is a major concern in Australia, as is the global need for new natural products with antibiotic activity. The mechanisms by which cyanobacteria produce toxins that reduce the quality of water may very well be the answer to the lack of novel medicinal compounds currently being discovered in nature. Encompassed in this one program are the aims of ameliorating the effects of toxic algal blooms as well as introducing the means for the design and synthesis of a range of novel bioactive products. The benefits include better water quality and biosafety management options, a new generation of drug design and discovery, and the associated transformation of environmental and medical research and education in Australia.

Funding Amount $1,638,730

Funding Scheme Federation Fellowships

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