Treading water in a changing climate: The vulnerability of Australia�s tropical islands to sea level rise. [ 2010 - 2013 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Hoegh-Guldberg Prof Ove; Prof Peter J Mumby; Prof Stuart R Phinn; Asst Prof Catherine E Lovelock; Prof Colin D Woodroffe

Brief description This project will directly benefit the people and businesses associated with 1,174 tropical islands found in Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait waters. By bringing together a multi-disciplinary team and training young Australian researchers, this project will establish an integrated research program that will outline the challenges, and develop the solutions, that will be needed for Australians to cope with rising sea levels. While the initial focus is the highly exposed tropical islands, the results of this integrated research program will have a wide applicability across Australia in terms of the geomorphological, natural and human challenges associated with rapid pathogenic sea level rise.

Funding Amount $556,800

Funding Scheme Super Science Fellowships

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