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Classics and Ancient History involves the study and research of Latin and ancient Greek and Roman civilisations and the contributions they have made to the modern world.

Particular attention is paid to their literature, history and archaeology.

The School is at the forefront of the application of computers to translating ancient texts, the use of aerial photography for archaeology and the study of currency.

Areas of research include:

Network for Early European Research: research into the culture and history of Europe between the fifth and early nineteenth centuries.

Aerial Photographic Archive for Archaeology in the Middle East: more than 30,000 accessible photographs and several hundred maps for a dozen countries.

Alexander the Great.

History of medicine in early modern Italy: 'hypochondria' in early modern Italy and how it was treated.

Jarash hinterland surveys: Several UWA survey teams in Jordan have identified ancient remains of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa which is threatened by modern urban development.

Zeugma: Account of the campaign to bring to the world's attention the significance of the Classical city of Zeugma in Turkey and the threat posed to it by a dam.

Roman Archaeology Group: Promotes interest in Roman archaeology through newsletters, lectures and other activities.

Morosini Codex: Translation of The Morosini Codex, the largest surviving single private document from fifteenth century Venice.

Latin Humanism: The Cassamarca Chair in Latin Humanism was established in 2003 to raise awareness of Latin writing, especially since the Renaissance, and of the values that lie at the heart of modern European culture.

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