Unmixing in Magmas: Melt and Fluid Inclusion Constraints on Identity, Timing, and Evolution of Immiscible Fluids, Salt and Sulphide Melts [ 2005 - 2009 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr V Kamenetsky

Brief description Much of the research proposed herein genuinely breaks new ground in both the fields of igneous petrology and ore deposit geology. It will contribute to Australia maintaining a leading role (as identified in ?Towards 2005 - a prospectus for research and training in the Australian Earth sciences?) in the burgeoning field of melt inclusion research, and serve as a training base for young researchers keen to learn the techniques and methodologies involved. The possible outcomes of the project are of wide interest to geoscientists, and may benefit the Australian economy in that they help to predict whether the magmas have experienced exsolution of a metal-rich fluid.

Funding Amount $726,825

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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