The Virtual Geological Observatory: a four dimensional view into the Earth through deep-time data-mining [ 2009 - 2014 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Professor Dietmar Müller

Researchers Prof D Muller

Brief description The Fellowship aims to reveal the underlying processes of plate tectonic cycles, paleogeography, sea-level change and the formation of ore deposits and hydrocarbon resources since the explosion of life during the Cambrian period. Using a mantle convection framework, we will discover how the cyclicity in mid-ocean ridge creation and the subduction dynamics associated with the aggregation and dispersal of Gondwana and Pangea has been driving plate tectonic cycles and cyclicity at the Earth's surface. A Virtual Geological Observatory will transform our understanding of this ancient world by fusing geodata-mining and high-performance computer simulation outputs in the plate-tectonic context.

Funding Amount $3,088,351

Funding Scheme Australian Laureate Fellowships

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